Sunday, October 10, 2010


Isaiah went around campus on Saturday afternoon with a piece of salad in his front tooth. He went along with his normal day routine. He visited the pickle, connector and had various conversations, and tried to make his irregular appearance obvious for everybody to see. Can one really trust their peers?
After going through the day with a piece of salad in my tooth, then calculating how many people spoke up about it, made me more consciences about people honesty. I don’t know if this shows weather the people I talked to are true friends or if they didn’t want to embarrass me. This does not show how much Social Capital I have. Would the people who didn’t tell me, help me when I need help? If I were to test this theory the results would not be very accurate. I am glad that some people didn tell me. I know I can trust some people.


  1. I Loved your last lab! It was a creative idea that got the idea of what soical capital is about.

    Sophie Chevallier

  2. Hahaha I liked this one! It was a really creative idea. I was surprised, thought that so many people did not tell you about the stuff in your teeth. Especially at UNCSA, I thought people would just go for it.
    Danielle Green

  3. Funny and extremely effective. A+!